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Aesop's FablesAesop’s Fables

Aesop’s fables aren’t like fairy tales from Europe with “happy ever after” endings. They are much more like traditional African stories. Life is tough... and things can end badly for anyone who doesn’t watch out or use their wits!


S is for South Africa

S is for South Africa where two oceans meet,
cold Atlantic from the west and warm Indian from the east.
Our vast country stretches across Africa's southern shores,
golden beaches to misty mountains,
sandy deserts to grassy plains
and, in our land of contrasts, we praise the sun yet pray for rain.

An alphabet book with so much more than 26 letters!

Cathy Brown, King Alfred School, London


cover - Baba'a GiftBaba's Gift

Lindi and Themba got up with the sun. Gogo was taking them to the sea for a day.
"I have work to do," said Baba, "but I have made a present for you."
It was a little wooden boat.

... a simple but emotional tale of warmth.

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The Letang and Julie SeriesThe Letang and Julie series

Class 3M's new topic was Pets.
"I shall have a surprise for you soon,"
said Ms Miller.
"What is it Miss?" asked Michael.
"A surprise, Michael, is a surprise,"
Ms Miller answered firmly. Letang and Julie glanced at each other and grinned.

Entertaining and realistic.

Positive Images of Disability in Children's Books,
Young Book Trust


cover - Where is ZamiWhere is Zami?

Zami has stopped coming to school. His teacher is worried but it is Rosa who plays detective and who is brave enough to seek help.

A story for beginning readers about standing up to a bully!